January 20, 2021
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Automatic Pet Water Fountain: Keep Your Dog Hydrated

The dog’s body is 70% water. Regular and sufficient consumption of high-quality water has a positive effect on the well-being and health of your pet.

If you use open bowls, you need to change the water in them at least once a day or every time garbage or dirt gets into it. But pet product manufacturers have taken care of this issue.

An automatic pet water fountain is not a rarity in a pet store. Owners of animals, who sometimes have to leave their pets for a long time alone, especially like them. So they can not worry that, even after playing, the dog will not tip over a bowl of water, and the water will be clean all day.

Types of the pet water fountain

They allow for a long time not to worry about the presence of water in the bowl and its quality. Such drinkers are divided into two types:

  • Simple. In a simple automatic drinker, the liquid is in a special container and is supplied as the dog drinks water. A pet drinks much more water from such a bowl than from a regular one, which favorably affects his health.
  • Pet water fountain. This drinker is a more advanced version of the automatic drinker. Its advantage is that water is constantly circulating, as a result of which it is always fresh, saturated with oxygen. Animals will drink such water more willingly than stagnant.

Also in the pet water fountain, there is a filter, which usually lasts for one and a half to two months. It retains dust, wool and food particles that have settled on the surface of the water, making frequent water changes in the drinker optional. Sometimes manufacturers equip such drinking bowls with various additional options (for example, the function of cleaning the dog’s mouth with the help of special tablets).

What to look for when choosing a pet water fountain

  • Existence of the filter: it will allow us to saturate the water with oxygen and to clear of garbage. In most models, one filter is included, but it happens that they need to be purchased immediately. It is necessary to change the filter every month, therefore, it is important to be able to quickly buy new ones;
  • Water supply: it can be a fountain, stream or waterfall;
  • The number of jets (up to 5 pieces): if there is only one animal in the house, one stream is enough, if there are several of them, it is worth choosing a larger number so as not to create a crush;
  • The presence of a regulator of water pressure: the higher the pressure, the higher the fountain hits;
  • Possibility to fold pet water fountain if necessary;
  • Price: if this is the first drinker, and there is no certainty that she will like it, it is better to choose a cheaper option. However, judging by the reviews of the owners, pets are much better off pet water fountain than simple bowls.

Pet water fountain meets the pet’s need for constant thirst-quenching. Due to the continuous circulation of water with a high oxygen content, the water in such a drinker is always filtered, cool and fresh, which means it is good for the health of your pet.

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