January 20, 2021
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Heated Dog House to Keep Your Pet Warm in Winter

If you have a faithful four-legged friend, then sooner or later you will be interested in the question of how to insulate a dog’s box for the winter and do it yourself. After all, with the advent of cold weather, the pet should be in favorable conditions. And it’s not a secret to anyone that it’s how the dog is kept that determines its appearance and health. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the dog is protected even in the most severe frosts and blizzards. To do this, take care of the heated dog house.

Why make a heated dog house

The issue of warming a dog’s house for the winter raises many dog ​​owners. No one can say for sure the fact of how cold a dog is in a booth in winter. It is worth starting directly from the climatic conditions in which you live. An equally important point is the breed of the pet. Experienced dog handlers are of the opinion that breeds with hard, long and short hair, which have a fairly thick undercoat, can easily tolerate frosts up to 400C. Certain breeds generally prefer snow cover both for play and for living, despite great frosts. These breeds include:

  • husky
  • leonberg
  • Bernese Mountain Dog and others.

Therefore, you should initially pay attention to the characteristics of the breed of your dog. And only then, starting from these facts, determine the degree of insulation of the heated dog house.

How to make a heated dog house

If you follow some rules, then you can easily make a heated dog house for the winter and at times reduce the heat loss of the entire structure.

  • The entrance must be positioned so that the presence of drafts there is minimal.
  • The walls of the booth are best erected from wood materials. It is a tree that has low thermal conductivity.
  • The doghouse must not be on bare ground.
  • The whole structure should have a substrate of bricks or wood blocks.
  • This is necessary in order to create an air gap that will protect the bottom from freezing. More frost in dogs can harm the draft.

To avoid this, worry about the reliable protection of the entrance to the dog’s home. It must be covered with a canopy of high density. Please note that the canopy material must be strong enough and have weight so as not to move from the wind. Yes, and the size should match. If the heated dog house has compact dimensions, then the dog will be able to independently heat his home. But it’s worth correctly calculating the sizes so that in no way does the dog feel constrained in movements, which will lead to the fact that it will freeze.

Knowing how to make a heated dog house, working with your own hands, you can provide your pet with a comfortable and warm winter. Having paid a little attention to warming the doghouse, you will see the gratitude of your pet. After all, frost and cold is a pleasant thing if it is not for long. You can learn about some secrets and practical tips for warming a heated dog house for the winter from an educational video.

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