January 20, 2021
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Shock Collar for Small Dogs: Is It Safe?

Various devices are commonly called electronic collars, the general purpose of which is to ensure that your dog’s behavior is corrected.

How is shock collar for small dogs and for large ones?

An additional collar is put on the dog, equipped with a small device, the control panel of which is in the hands of the dog owner. If the pet shows signs of disobedience, the owner can reinforce the oral command with a more significant stimulus: a sound signal, vibration, or a mild discharge of electric current.

How shock collar for small dogs Works

Despite the frightening name, the effect of the electric discharge of the electronic collar on the dog can be compared with the sensations during physiotherapy: with the right level of exposure, the animal feels only vibration or slight muscle contraction.

Using shock collar for small dogs has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Immediate reaction – in case of disobedience, a delinquent pet immediately feels the influence of an irritant;
  • Ease and convenience of use – in most cases, you just need to press one or a couple of buttons on the remote control; Manageability – you will cease to be faced with the fact that your dog allegedly does not hear the commands that you are giving; Getting rid of unwanted actions – the animal will quickly understand that punishment is inevitable in any case;
  • Maintaining confidence – in most cases, the dog does not connect the impact of the electronic collar with the actions of its owner, accepting it, as a punishment from the outside, “out of nowhere”.

When shock collar for small dogs is Most Effective An electronic collar will be a useful assistant in raising and training a dog. Using such devices, it will be much easier for the dog owner to cope with some problems, and in some cases, the electric collar will become simply irreplaceable.

Possible difficulties when using a shock collar for small dogs

  • Most problems arise when the shock collar for small dogs is used incorrectly or thoughtlessly. Erroneous reflex It is not excluded that the dog may misunderstand the causes and source of punishment, and, as a result, inadequately respond to the impact, which contributes to the development of an incorrect reflex.
  • Excessive impact The use of shock collar for small dogs without taking into account the characteristics of the dog’s temperament, too much exposure, and the use of a collar as a punishment for long-term misconduct (in the case when the dog can no longer associate the punishment with his fault) will not only give the desired results, but can also cause serious harm to the pet. In such cases, manifestations of nervous disorders are possible: involuntary urination, the manifestation of unwanted aggression, a state of constant stress (fear, panic), in rare cases, up to the development of epilepsy.

Despite the fact that almost any shock collar for small dogs is protected from water, nevertheless, in wet weather, a more noticeable electrical stimulation can be inadvertently applied to the dog.

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